USA Nijmegen is run by a board consisting of the following four people:

> Maaike Duenk – Chairwoman 
Hi there! I’m Maaike, I’m a second-year American Studies student, and I’ll be Chairwoman of USA Nijmegen this year. I grew up in Lichtenvoorde, so I’m a true Achterhoeker at heart. I moved to my new favorite place in the world (a.k.a. Nijmegen) when I started American Studies last year. Besides hanging out with friends, I enjoy playing lacrosse, drinking a few beers, going to concerts, reading and traveling. Whenever I have an exam week coming up I deal with it like a pro: Netflix and blue M&M’s.

As Chairwoman of USA Nijmegen I will do my best to not only keep the oversight over USA’s daily businesses and be an extra pair of helping hands but to also have an open ear for all your advice about cringy, but cute, Netflix Originals movies. I hope to see you all around and I hope you will have an amazing year!


> Wouter Peer – Secretary 
Hi there! I am Wouter Peer, second year American Studies student, and I’ll be your secretary next year. Born in Nijmegen and raised in a small village next to it you could call me a real “Nijmegenaar”, but even though I’ve known this city for my entire life, my view upon it has totally changed after I started studying, positively. USA Nijmegen has been a huge influence on that, and so I’m very excited to play my part next year in our wonderful association. Besides my secretary life I really love watching musicals (online, I don’t have that much money), Lady Gaga, Netflix, gaming, and a lot more. Come to our weekly members’ hours and you’ll find out how much of an interesting person I really am.

As a secretary I’ll be the one sending most important e-mails to members and organizations. I’ll be peer-pressuring (ha-ha) you to go to all events via facebook, Instagram, linked-in and more. I hope you’ll enjoy my online chatter and I hope to see you at our events!



> Tim Smink – Treasurer
Hey everyone! I am Tim Smink and I’m a second-year American Studies student. I’m originally from Tiel but I live in Nijmegen now and I’ve totally fallen in love with this city. In my spare time I’d like to play soccer, watch some Netflix or just kick back with some friends and some beers. I want to become an English teacher, but I chose American Studies because I’m really interested in politics and history. I’m proud and happy to call myself the treasurer of USA Nijmegen and I want to give everyone in the study association the best time possible (unless you don’t pay in time).

My role as treasurer is to take care of any financial situations within the study association. For instance collecting the annual fee from members, or selling entrance tickets and taking care of general banking business. You can come to me with any questions related to these financial issues! I wish everyone an amazing year of fun, entertaining and educational events!



> Esmée Ruesink – CIA 
Hi everyone. My name is Esmée Ruesink and I will be the Chief Internal Affairs for the XVIth board of USA Nijmegen. I was born in a really tiny village in the east of Gelderland and spent 18 years of my life there, before moving to Nijmegen a bit over a year ago to start studying American Studies at Radboud University. I like to spend my free time reading, dancing, and listening to really bad music among others things. What I also love to do is exploring new places and travelling. So when it comes down to picking a destination for a new adventure, I only have one demand; a place I have never visited before!
I hope to see you all a lot this year!

Being the Chief Internal Affairs means that I will be in charge of all the committees the study association has and assist them wherever I can to make sure you can participate in the best activities ever!



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks!