USA Nijmegen is run by a board consisting of the following four people:

> Lieve Dessing – Chairwoman

Hi guys! My name is Lieve Dessing, and I’m the chair of the academic year 2019-2020! I’m a second-year student American Studies and (still) enjoying every minute of it. However that’s not all I enjoy, the time that I don’t spend at our lovely university I spend with my (also lovely) friends or I spend my time at home with two other lovely friends of mine: Netflix and books.
As chair of the XVIIth board of USA Nijmegen, I’ll do my very best to always be up to date about what all is going on within our study association. But that’s not all I do, if you’re interested in a sarcastic comment, I’ll make sure you get one! If you want an actual useful comment or some advice, I can provide that for you as well, I guess. I hope to see you all around this year, and I wish you the best of luck and an amazing year!


> Sander Kesselaar – Secretary 
Hi! I am Sander Kesselaar, a second-year student in American Studies, and I am your secretary for this Academic Year! My life has been one big trip, as I was born in Den Helder but then moved abroad for seven years, so I’m a real “global citizen”! Until now, my life as a student has been the best few years of my life, and USA played a major part in how quickly I have settled in this wonderful city. Outside of traveling and spamming your e-mail, I also really like playing the guitar, watching movies, exercising, and a lot of other things! Visit our weekly Members’ Hour and you’ll be able to get to know me even better!

As the secretary of our association, I’m responsible for the e-mails which are sent to our members and to other organizations. I’ll send you all the invitations to our events through Facebook, the e-mail, and more! I hope y’all will enjoy my bantering and I’m looking forward to seeing you at our events!


> Jeroen Cuijpers – Treasurer
Hello guys! My name is Jeroen Cuijpers and I’ll be your treasurer for this academic year. I’m a second-year American Studies student, just like the other beloved board members. I’m from a city called ‘Oss’, which is more to the south of our country. Last year, I moved to Nijmegen to start my life as a student. I have made several new friends here and enjoy spending time with them. The other thing that I love doing in my free time is going to the gym. In our association, a lot of people call me a ‘fitboy’, as I think a healthy lifestyle is important. If you don’t know what a ‘fitboy’ is, don’t worry! Come to our Members’ Hour every week, and I will explain everything you want to know.

As the treasurer of the association, I am responsible for our money. How we will spend our money and where we are getting our money from are the main questions that I am working on. For some activities of USA Nijmegen, you will have to pay to attend the event, and when you forget about that deadline, I’ll be the one sending you a message to ask if you can pay up! I hope you all are looking forward to this year, just as much as I do! See ya!


> Youri van Boxtel – CIA 

Hi everyone. My name is Youri van Boxtel and I will be the Chief Internal Affairs of the XVIIth board of USA Nijmegen. I was born in a small but picturesque village in the south of North Brabant and I’ve been living in Nijmegen for over a year now! In my free time, I really love to read books, listen to very old albums on my record player, and watch every Tarantino movie over and over again. I also like to play baseball and every Saturday you can find me behind a cash register in the Efteling selling ice cream and hotdogs. So if you’re in the need of some free tickets, I am your guy ;) !!

Being the Chief Internal Affairs means that I will be in charge of the committees of our study association and I will assist everyone wherever I can to make sure you can all participate in the best activities and parties ever. I really hope to see you all there!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks!